Letters to Destiny


Destiny magazine is really fantastic! Its production does you all credit. It is this sort of professionalism that nationalism in Australia has been lacking for a long time. I look forward to getting my next copy. ~ J. Power

Reply: Many thanks for the kind words. We hope that Destiny will prove to be a useful addition to the literary resources used by the growing ranks of Protectionists across the nation.

More congratulations!

Mate, the mag is absolutely brilliant. It deserves to do well and my girlfriend reckons you guys are, well, to clean it up, flaming legends. High words of praise indeed coming from that one! The dawning of a new age mate! ~ C. Cassidy

Reply: We appreciate your accolades, and hope you enjoy Issue 2 just as much.

And congratulations again

I wanted to convey the highest regards to you re. Destiny magazine. I was most impressed by the quality and layout and particularly impressed by the quality of the articles, especially the one written by Darrin Hodges. Please extend my congratulations to all involved and I am looking forward to the next issue. Saw the ad for the Protectionist Party – if those are the beliefs held by the party organisers, then we’re really onto something here. ~ M. Yule

Reply: Many thanks to all those others who passed on their congratulations and messages of support following the publication of the first issue of Destiny; we hope that future issues are welcomed just as warmly.

Teaching article tells the truth

Your article on the education system could not have been more accurate. We are facing a crisis in this country, and I suspect we are facing it across the entire Western World, regarding learning and discipline in schools. As someone involved in education, I hope that a lot of notice is taken by the relevant authorities of the ideas expressed in your article. ~ name withheld by request

Reply: We can only hope that the various state education departments pay attention to what was written. Whether they will actually do something about it or not, is another matter altogether.

Congratulating successful nationalists overseas

With the electoral success of the Swiss Peoples’ Party [www.svp.ch], the continuing success of the BNP [www.bnp.org.uk], Vlaams Belang (Belgium) [www.vlaamsbelang.be] and others across Europe, I think it is timely to urge Destiny readers to check out the websites of the above-mentioned parties and send them congratulatory emails when they have successes, as this builds mutual friendship, a cross-fertilisation of winning ideas and builds morale on both sides. ~ M. Wilson

Reply: Good idea. No doubt such organisations would welcome correspondence from Australian nationalists and we in turn could benefit from learning about the experiences of overseas nationalist organisations.

Note: We have received some constructive criticism regarding the first issue of Destiny. We would like to thank those readers who took the time and trouble to pass on their thoughts.
We welcome the input of anyone who would like to do the same for future issues, as we believe that it has helped, and will help, to increase the ongoing professionalism of the magazine.

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