Swiss nationalists dominate elections

Patriots in Switzerland show that political successes can be achieved.

The Swiss People’s Party (the Schweizerische Volkspartei, or SVP) has received the highest vote ever recorded in Switzerland’s history in that country’s October 2007 elections.

The SVP won 29% of the vote, making it the biggest party in the country. Now having 62 of the 200 seats in parliament, the SVP is set to have a leading role in Switzerland’s coalition government.

The election campaign of the People’s Party concentrated on immigration issues, calling for the deportation of foreign criminals, with their election posters featuring white sheep kicking a black sheep out of Switzerland.

The poster caused outrage amongst the opponents of the People’s Party, and SVP officials attributed much of their success to the publicity given by their opponents and the media to the SVP poster campaign and their petition for a referendum.
Toni Brunner, a SVP Member of Parliament, said that the poster would go down in People’s Party history as one of the most effective ever used.

Typically, the Multicultural fascists in that country tried to stop the SVP with violence, yet another example showing that, as in other countries across the world, the enemies of nationalists can only support their views with thuggery and fascist laws against free speech.

In October, in the city of Berne where an SVP rally was being held, 1000 Multicultural fascist thugs attacked police, leaving 18 officers injured. 42 thugs were arrested as they smashed street furniture and hurled petrol bombs at riot police. Such scenes are reminiscent of those who tried to stifle the freedom of speech of Pauline Hanson and One Nation at their meetings in Australia in the 1990s.

Thankfully, it appears that the Multicultural thugs shocked the citizens of Switzerland into voting for the SVP in massive numbers.

The SVP have been engaged in a campaign to have a referendum to put into place a law to evict from the country any foreigner convicted of murder, rape, robbery, drug pushing, burglary, and social welfare abuse. Foreign residents who commit crimes in Switzerland would be expelled after they serve their time in jail.

Switzerland is one of the few democracies in the world to have adopted Citizens Initiated Referenda to give the power to the people to put an issue to a national vote. Under Swiss law, petitioners need to gather signatures from 100,000 voters to get their proposal put to a referendum.

By October 2007 the SVP had already collected over 170,000 signatures for its referendum initiative.

The Swiss have been suffering immigration problems for some time. The Brussels Journal reports that foreigners make up almost 22% of the Swiss population, but they commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in the country; for example, in 2006 many of the identified perpetrators were foreigners: almost 50% of those committing assaults with bodily damage, 51% of murderers, and over 63% of rapists.

The SVP is also seeking to stop Muslims from building mosque minaret towers. It has been put forward that the minarets are not necessary for worship, but are actually a symbol of Islamic law, and are therefore incompatible with the country’s legal system and the Swiss way of life.

With Australia having a range of problems stemming from mass immigration, especially from Third World countries, the win of the SVP shows that a sensible nationalist party can achieve fantastic results with credible policies, the right people, and well thought-out strategies. We can win back Australia!

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