The Forgotten Lower Class

Michael Watson on the dilemmas facing Australian workers, of poverty, unemployment, and a growing underclass – with the associated problems of drugs and crime.

Australian Nationalists believe in supporting and unifying all people in this country. We wish to create a society where all people have a sense of pride in their family, their community and the nation at large. We strive to ensure a certain future for all Australians, regardless of their income or their place on the socio-economic spectrum. We are very worried at seeing the Australian lower class suffering from the traumas of countless decades of the major political parties ignoring their plight and allowing them to ever stumble down the hill of further poverty and disunity with their Australian identity.

By the term ‘lower class’ I am referring to large numbers of Australian families, many of good stock, who for generations have been stuck in a state of welfare dependence and abuse by both the government and their communities. Though these families may be large, some with more than seven children, the parents are often unemployed or unskilled. The children are faced with poor education and lack of support in their studies at home. Many of these families are victims of drug abuse, domestic violence or other symptoms of lower class society. These families are also very open to degenerate influences, whether it be the MTV culture, violence, drugs, unprotected sex amongst youth or a combination of all these factors.

Australia has often been called the dumping ground of Europe’s waste, an unjust attack at Australia’s penal colony past. I believe that the Australian governments of the past have been trying to eliminate the “convict” stereotype in Australia by increasing Australia’s economy and building up our middle and upper classes with usury, cheap labour immigration and the continued promotion of welfare payments for those in lower class backgrounds. Though they have succeeded in making Australia a wealthy country, are we truly rich? We have a sickening level of homelessness, our prisons are clogged and the government pays ridiculous amounts of taxpayers’ money in welfare.

The welfare dependence I speak of is a form of addiction and abuse that travels from generation to generation in lower class communities. The grandparents were unable to ensure a decent education for their children, who go on to have large families despite having a small income or being unemployed, this in turn leaves the current generation of youth with little example of how to improve themselves and they too will end up in the unemployment line at Centrelink. Despite it being very clear to the government that the current system of welfare is not solving the problem, nothing is done about the situation. The technical schools of old have next to been abolished and those Australians the government claim “will not work” are being replaced by Third World sources such as Asia. The truth is, these people would happily work for their nation, they just need to be ensured a decent wage in a permanent job. The sooner Australia takes back our local industries and provides a days pay for a days work to real Australians, the sooner the unemployment line will shorten.

Another symptom of the Australian lower class culture is drug abuse. The drugs of choice are still alcohol and marijuana, with the growing popularity of “party drugs” amongst lower class youth. Drugs are used as a getaway to the difficulty and shame these lower class Australians face on a daily basis. These Australians have been caught in their mess for so many generations that they feel shackled, much like our convict ancestors of old. They have no sense of identity or belonging to this nation, they feel they have been forgotten and ignored by the fat rich pomps in parliament. We need to bring back a sense of pride and identity amongst the lower class, they may not be lawyers or accountants but they can be a contributing asset to this country. Once again, it is a case of meaningful employment; after all, without the workers, the factory proprietors can never have their product made.

The youth living in the poverty-stricken suburbs are most at risk under the current system. They see no future for themselves, they get no decent support at home or at school, they feel lost in a rich man’s world. The youth quickly turn to the degenerate MTV culture of drug use and gang violence. Many of these youth have been victims of domestic abuse and are happy to join a criminal gang, to feel a sense of belonging and identity. The youth quit school, they become addicted to drugs and they are caught by the police committing violent crime and are struck down with a criminal record… They are now heading in the same direction as their parents, who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?! These youth need support, they need a sense of belonging and the best way they can receive this is with a sense of pride and identity in their nation. The government could quite easily build an Australian culture oriented organisation as part of the school curriculum, a group that can instill a real sense of belonging these youth so sorely need.

It is the role of the Australian government to provide decent support for all Australians, by joining an Australian Nationalist party you can become a part of a mass movement that passionately fights for the protection of all Australian people. The lower class of this nation has been forgotten by those in government past and present and it is time they are looked after. We need to provide all Australians with a decent education, a decent wage in permanent employment. We need to instill a sense of worth in all Australians by improving communities, by instilling in them an understanding of their culture and heritage. We need to look after all Australian youth as they are the future of our nation, we must ensure they do not descend in to the poverty and trauma of past generations.

A vote for an Australian nationalist party means real support and unification for the Australian people, regardless of class or station. We love our people and never again will the lower class be forgotten by a greedy and insensitive federal or state government!

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