Environmental disaster in the Galapagos Islands demonstrates the idiocy of unrestricted immigration

The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America, are facing an environmental crisis – a crisis that is largely fueled by immigration.

The Islands had a population of 18,000 in 2001, which has now risen to 22,000; but – in reality – it may be as high as 30,000 due to illegal immigration. The high rate of immigration is causing untold ruin to the fragile environment on the Galapagos Islands and is clearly unsustainable.

The environmental devastation of small islands can be very obvious, as their small size makes such damage quite apparent.

Unfortunately for large land areas, such as Australia, the environmental damage is spread so widely that it can take decades before the ruining of the land becomes noticeable, possibly not being realised until the damage is beyond repair.

Those Globalists who advocate “open borders immigration” have shown themselves to be complete idiots, without any understanding of the ruin and devastation that can be caused to countries with fragile environments, such as Australia. These Global Village Idiots are preaching a brand of politics that pushes immigration-driven devastation upon local environments and immigration-driven genocide upon local populations.

We should not ignore the Globalists just because their ideas are so obviously flawed, as their foolishness may not be obvious to everyone.

It’s time for all fair dinkum Australians to combat the stupidity and destructiveness of Globalist ideas. It’s time to speak up – amongst friends, in pubs and clubs, and in the schools.

We must combat the idiocy of the Globalists and other assorted nation-killers, and protect Australia’s future.

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