Professor Fraser speaks out

An interview with Professor Andrew Fraser, retired from Macquarie University. This continues our series of interviews, giving our readers new information from different political viewpoints.

What brought you to your conclusions regarding the issues regarding culture, IQ, and race?

That is a very difficult question to answer. Growing up in Canada, the interminable inter-ethnic conflict between “the two solitudes” in English and French Canada was always present in the background. Indeed, sheer frustration with that permanent political impasse (and even more with the increasingly obvious French dominance of the federal government under Trudeau) was one of the factors that led me to emigrate to Oz.

While I was still in Canada there was an influx of Indian expellees from East Africa.  I remember feeling distinctly unenthusiastic about it all even though I was a confirmed academic leftist at the time.

After coming down under to Oz in 1975, I was much like the frog lazing in the pot while the water slowly increases in temperature. It began to get too hot for me around the time Professor Blainey made his now-famous remarks about the dangers of increased Asian immigration.  As an academic myself, I couldn’t help noticing the lynch mob mentality taking hold among my colleagues.

My unease with the demographic revolution grew stronger with every passing day.  I do recall greeting the advent of Pauline Hanson with loud hosannas.  It was a great pleasure for me to defend her in the face of the apoplectic rage spewing forth from my colleagues.

I suppose the final stage in my racial awakening came when I discovered American Renaissance sometime around the turn of the century.  Needless to say from that moment on it was clear that I was not long for the academic world.

What have you been doing since being forced to leave Macquarie University?

Before I respond to that query, I should point out that I wasn’t “forced to leave Macquarie University”.  Well before the controversy erupted over my letter to the Parramatta Sun I had reached agreement with the university to retire at the end of June 2006.  What the Vice-Chancellor did do was to suspend me from teaching for the remainder of my time at Macquarie.

Since leaving Macquarie I have given occasional talks in Oz and America but most of my time has been taken up with researching and writing a book entitled Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia: Its Causes and Cure.  I hope to have the book completed by middle of 2009.

You have spoken about the need for patriots to become involved in the “culture wars”, can you elaborate?

It seems to me that the fundamental problem facing all of the so-called “Anglo-Saxon countries” is fundamentally cultural, indeed spiritual in nature.  It is impossible to solve a cultural much less a spiritual problem by political means.  In fact, any strategy focused on gaining state power is part of the problem not part of the solution. Anglo-Saxons are in the fix we are in precisely because we placed our faith in states that have betrayed us time and again. Civic patriotism has become a cultural pathology among Anglo-Saxons. 

We need to secede, economically, culturally, and spiritually from the state.  It would be far more effective to recapture the Anglican Church, releasing it from its present neo-communist captivity, than to create a new class of “white nationalist” politicians.

Can you tell us about your forthcoming book?

My book attempts to explain first of all how I came to diagnose the source of our problems as a cultural pathology that I call Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia.

Secondly, by examining the ethnogenesis of the Anglo-Saxon people I try to understand how we became susceptible to such a pathology.

The third part of the book examines the pathogenesis of Anglo-Saxon Anglophobia.  In a nutshell that has a lot to do with the rise and fall of homo Americanus, an epic tragedy that conclusively demonstrates the absolute humiliating failure of “white nationalism”.

What would be your advice for anyone being harassed by the so-called Human Rights Commission or by any other Thought Police agency?

Be polite but never apologize.  But Anglo-Australian patriots shouldn’t allow themselves to be picked off one by one.

We need an Anglo-Australian Legal Defence Fund that will defend outspoken critics of the regime from the human rights industry in the courts.  Such a fund would also need to be able to take offensive actions to advance the interests of the Anglo-Australian people.  We need to take a leaf out of the book written by Jewish, Negro, feminist, homosexual, and Aboriginal legal activists.

What do you see as the major challenges facing Australia?

The major challenge facing Anglo-Australians is to wean them away from their utter dependence upon the corporate welfare state and to build a parallel society of our own.

We could learn a lot from other peoples who are engaged in such projects ranging from Hamas and Hezbollah in the Middle East, to Jewish neo-cons in America, to the Mormons.  All of those peoples have something like an ethnotheology of their own.

Without such a solid spiritual foundation there can be no possibility of regenerating a healthy Anglo-Saxon ethnoculture.  Our first priority must be to liberate the theopolitical imagination of the deracinated WASP.

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