Lies, damned lies and statistics

Craig Stewart puts a different perspective on the furore surrounding the attacks upon Indians in Australian cities.

Recently, the Indian media reported on the assault of three Indian men by seventy assailants in the car park of the Epping Hotel on September eleventh 2009.  After a proper investigation by Victoria Police the number was reduced to fifteen.

Fifteen is a serious number, but compare this to the 1999 death by burning of an Australian missionary Graham Staine, and his two young sons aged seven and nine while sleeping in their car by a Hindu mob in Oriens, East India, and things are put in a clearer perspective.

Organised mob violence is historically inherent in Indian society.  One such example is that of the Thuggees, which in ancient Indian Sanscrit describes a particularly brutal form of murder of travelers in India.  The term thug stems from this.

In coming to Australia in increasing numbers, the thug element of Indians is thriving in Melbourne. Three recent examples illustrate this phenomena.

The first is that of Pugeet Pineet, who killed a man while drink driving in Sydney. He then successfully fled our shores to avoid Australian justice.

The second was the Springvale Punjabi man who raped a young girl after kidnapping her in Melbourne.

The third was that of two Indian students, aged twenty-two and twenty-eight, who raped a seventeen year old girl on a Melbourne suburban train.

The correlation of increasingly violent assaults by Indians (predominantly males) corresponds with the increasing arrival of Indian students.  There were 5,200 Indian arrivals in 2002, which had increased to 46,000 in 2008.

The unintended consequences of the foreign student industry, in league with the Australian Government in the name of multiculturalism, was clearly spelled out by Deputy PM Julia Gillard, who recently announced in India that “anti-Indian violence” would have a zero-tolerance approach by the federal Australian government.

Does this mean that more police resources will be given to investigating assaults upon Indians, whilst assaults upon Australians will receive more “tolerance” or become a lower priority?

In Victoria, Attorney General, Rob Hulls, made it very clear that by the end of 2009, statutory legislation would be solidly in place to prosecute hate crimes.

The internationalist stripping away of our traditional national heritage is driving our nation headlong into a state of national suicide. This stampede is buttressed by lies. India for instance has a murder rate of 2.82 (per 100,000 head of population), which is over double that of Australia at 1.28. The orchestrated outrage against so-called racist attacks in Melbourne by the multicultural establishment gives the perception of more violence occurring here than in India. Official statistics prove otherwise!

It is time to fight the good fight by protecting Australia with its majority British-European population! The enemies are at the gate, and flooding in.

We must also challenge the corruption of multiculturalism, which is compromising and undermining our God-given national heritage.

The Australian Protectionist Party, as the Vox Populi, or voice of the people, is the necessary vehicle to lead our community in reclaiming our traditional values. To do otherwise is to stay yoked under the harness of multiculturalism. Supporting the APP is drawing a line in the sand, whereby we all say a resounding no to multiculturalism and its inherent corruption, violence, and political bankruptcy.

All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good men (and women) to do nothing!

Australia, stand up and fight!

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