Quotes of note — forced self-criticism

[In issue 7, these “quotes of note” were placed adiacent to the article “Freedom of speech is fine … as long as you don’t do it in public” in recognition of the fact that various so-called “Human Rights” bodies make legal rulings to force their victims to commit forced self-criticism in public – usually by making them place “confessions” and/or “apologies” in very expensive newspaper advertisements, even when such “confessions” and “apologies” were not genuine, and were in fact made under legal duress. This methodology is reminiscent of the way the communist parties operated during the Soviet era.]

“Another of the Communist Party functionaries … gave a report outlining the Party’s case against me, and I then had to give a self-criticism and to acknowledge that the Party was right: to admit that my differences were due to egotism, economism, anarchism and so on … I had to admit things I did not consider to be true” ~ Geoff McDonald, discussing his time in the Communist Party, Australia at Stake, 1977, p.71

“the constant practice of criticism and self-criticism, whose power to bring about complete conformity to the line and to the discipline of the Party can never be appreciated fully by the non-Communist. At the Nineteenth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, held in October, 1952, rules were adopted which re-emphasized that criticism and self-criticism are duties of Party members, constituting one of the main tasks of all Party organizations.” ~ Louis Francis Budenz, an ex-communist revealing how the communist parties operated, The Techniques of Communism, 1954, p.106

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