Quotes of note — freedom of speech

“Sweet-sounding words such as multiculturalism and tolerance are used to repress open debate. … Debate is closed down by claiming that words, ideas and arguments cause offence to people, sometimes censored by the strong arm of the state or, more often, regulated by informal gatekeepers and our own timidity.” ~ Janet Albrechtsen, “Enlightened spirit of inquiry”, The Australian, 6 August 2008

“It should be obvious by now, to anyone who cares, that the principle of free speech is being gradually eroded in the West. Either by straightforward ditching, or — more subtly — by redefining it in ways designed to legitimise the prohibition of ideologically incorrect viewpoints … If you want free speech, you have to be willing to stand up for people whose views you don’t like, and regardless of whether you think the people are “nice”. Once it starts to depend on the views (or the individuals expressing them) being sufficiently inoffensive, you can basically kiss free speech goodbye.” ~ Fabian Tassano, “Surviving in a mediocracy (part 3)”, 7 March 2007

“Political correctness is a clandestine version of suppression and censorship, which will invariably lead to oppression and tyranny by those that enforce the law. Freedom of speech is one of the foundational liberties of a functional democracy, without which we have barely a leg to stand on. In implementing the ‘perceived’ high moral standard of avoiding offending anyone (as though not being offended is some sort of inherent right) we march head long into an ideological blunder of massive proportions. … This is the type of path that we tread, a precursor to the types of tyrannical ideologies which embrace the absurdly dangerous idea of legislating based solely on avoiding offence.” ~ Tyga (contributor to the Australian Identity Forum), 2 September 2009

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