The Youth — The Movement!

Tommy Johnson writes on the future of Australian youth, the problems they face, and their right to preserve their ethnic identity, culture and heritage.

Australian youth are the future of Australia and the future of the nationalist movement. It is in the spirit and passion of the youth that we will see a turn in the liberal culture of our country and pursue a future with pride.

There is no other demographic that suffers more from the effects of our government and of multiculturalism than the youth.

We are facing a future of instability and our daily life is plagued by the leftist onslaught and violence from ethnic minorities.

We have been ignored and subjected to no future or at least one of endless servitude to a corrupt system that does not represent us.

We demand to be represented, we demand a future and we demand an identity as European Australians.

Every day the blatant disregard for the Australian identity is made evident in the education system. The teachers are either pro-multicultural or are pressured to push anti-Australian values.

It has been made evident that the only values allowed in our institutions are those of the liberal anti-Australia brigade. Any student that rebels against this system of political correctness and internationalism is marked down and denounced as abnormal and “racist”.

Proud Australian youth can no longer gain an education without watching what they say, think and believe in.

We walk through our streets and see the collective identity amongst foreign immigrants for their own heritage and Identity, yet if we attempt to show pride in our own we are “intolerant”. The media and establishment see fit to ban us exhibiting pride in our national flag; groups of Australian youth displaying signs of our heritage are labeled as bigots.

The ethnic migrants, whether in the form of foreign students or so-called refugees are encouraged to organise collectively and celebrate their own heritage and identity, yet we are forbidden from doing the same.

The establishment has made it clear that our heritage is of no importance and anything to put us down is welcome and to be encouraged.

The government has left us in a position of instability, only a few fortunate Australian youth will ever own a house outright without the shackles of the banks. Our employment is not secure with almost all our industries being foreign owned. Not even our education is secure, riding on the backs of foreign students.

We are no longer safe in our own country and any party that wishes to represent us is shouted down as “racist,” “fascist” and “evil”. It is now clear that the system is built up against us and it is up to the youth to change this.

We must demand the right to be proud of our identity and heritage; we must demand the right to organise to pursue our own interests.

We, the youth are the future of this country but first our future must be secured. We do not have to accept mass immigration or globalisation. The ideals of “multiculturalism” and “globalisation” must be brought to an end, or Australia will not remain Australian.

We must fight to preserve our ethnic identity, our culture and our heritage and why can’t we? Everybody else out there can!

We will organise and band together as Australians and we will demand representation, a stable future and the protection of our national identity.

There is nothing that can stop the youth from securing Australia and progressing in to a secure and stable future. We must do this, and we will!

Tommy Johnson is an Australian youth and an activist dedicated to protecting Australia. Tommy believes there is nothing that can get between a movement of proud Aussie youth and their goal of a secure Australian future.

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