Protesting to protect Australia

Nicholas Folkes gives a first-hand account of a recent protest in Sydney over the Government’s irresponsible policies on refugees and immigration.

It was the day that concerned Australians broke the ice, by holding a demonstration at Martin Place, Sydney. Placards and Aussie flags were proudly held and leaflets were handed to the public. The proud protestors represented the feelings of the Australian people at large.

The day was hot, with the mercury above 35°c, but this did not deter the spirit of the Protestors both young and old.

As we left our meeting place at the Cenotaph, I looked at the memorial and thought to myself, “The diggers would be proud”. The brave men and women who fought for their country and convictions would approve of our courage in the face of fear and intimidation.

The protestors stood their ground and we declared our dislike of Rudd and his leaky boat diplomacy. The megaphone rang out through the city, enlightening the city slickers to an Australian political alternative.

The world is rapidly changing and we must preserve and protect our nation, our people and our way of life. Rudd wants to end all that by opening our borders to the perils of the Third World.

The proud members of the Australian resistance say ‘no’ to Rudd and his un-Australian ways. The Government of the day should never give in to economic opportunists demanding what is ours.

The 16th of November 2009 was indeed a great Australian day.

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