Anti-national nihilism: The destruction of our society by Globalists and other Australia-haters

Andrew Guild writes on the problems facing young Australians, dramas which will steadily increase in the long-term and create havoc for future generations.

Economic disaster

A combination of policies produced by the Australia-haters of the Liberal-Labor parties, and supported by Globalists in general, is leading to the creation of a permanent underclass in our nation. An adherence to various aspects of anti-national economic philosophy, combined with the pushing of anti-national social ideology, is leading to the ruin of Australia, and is especially decimating the future of many of our “blue-collar” workers.

• Mass immigration; leading to increasing house prices and rising rents, pricing young people out of the housing market (especially if they want to have children).

• Industrial relations laws; lowering pay levels and destroying conditions of employment, hard-won achievements that – once lost – will take perhaps decades to win back.

• Foreign workers; further undermining pay levels and working conditions, with imported labour often gaining permanent residency here, thus permanently taking jobs from local Australians.

• Destruction of tariff barriers; allowing a continual influx of cheap foreign goods, often imported from Third World countries where labour is cheap, thus putting many local companies out of business or forcing them to source goods overseas (to be able to compete), destroying many thousands of local manufacturing jobs in the process.

• Foreign ownership of Australian companies; removing profits from our country that would otherwise be enhancing Australian industries and Australian jobs.

Every Australian should be able to purchase their own home, and every couple should be able to become a two-car family and afford to have children; all up, to achieve “the great Australian dream”. But globalism and economic rationalism have been steadily destroying that great dream, and turning it into a nightmare.

Something that was achieved through honest hard work by preceding generations is now zooming out of reach for young couples who want to marry and have a family. Whilst previous generations may have been able to achieve so much on the one breadwinner’s wage, the same now requires two people working (with many taking on additional part-time work) just to make ends meet, let alone having the financial ability to even think about having children.

Social disaster

This economic disaster is being accompanied by an associated social disaster, a form of cultural warfare being carried out against our people, particularly against our youth, and especially carried out via the schools and the media.

• Multiculturalism; disconnecting young Australians from their community, leaving them detached and alienated from the wider society.

• Political Correctness; attacking the foundations of Western Civilisation by attacking the history and cultures of Western societies, creating a psychological guilt complex in the minds of our youth regarding Aborigines, slavery, and Third World poverty (along with other issues) by pushing an extremely biased viewpoint, leaving our youth rootless, socially disconnected, and thus ashamed or uncaring about their own society.

Nihilism and Cultural War

These notorious social problems are creating a generation of people who are disaffected with Western society. Instead of having an underlying psychological foundation that relates to society, and feeling a part of it, with the stability that this entails, our youth have been socially and morally cast adrift into a globalist river of nihilism, a raging torrent of nothingness, where they owe no allegiance to their people; a situation that is creating an atomisation of society, which places the individual and selfishness before all else, rather than creating a natural allegiance to society and the nation.

Unlike the young people of the many Third World ethnic groups residing within our country, who are usually very much a part of their respective mini-societies, our youth now have no society. Multiculturalism has disconnected them from any true and proper attachment to their own society. Our de-nationalised youth have few wider connections of loyalty beyond their friends and family. However, now even those connections are being undermined by a plethora of new TV shows, especially on “reality TV”, that are designed to encourage people to stab each other in the back in a quest for being the winner of the show or for gaining some sort of in-game advantage; all in all, creating and encouraging a new self-centred and selfish cultural outlook amongst our youth that will adversely affect our society for years to come.

This lack of connection to wider society, furthered by the advocates of Multiculturalism and Politically Correctness – who attack the very fabric of our people’s now-eroded social identity, leaves our youth susceptible to a loss of self-worth, leading to nihilistic behaviour, drug-taking, and even suicide.

The dangerous effects of Multiculturalists have elsewhere been clearly pointed out:

Multiculturalist propaganda is taught to the schoolchildren of our nation from a very young age. In essence, it teaches that the history of White nations is bad, that Whites oppressed non-White peoples; that other cultures are special, whilst our culture is not; that we need to integrate our culture and people with other cultures and peoples.

In teaching this anti-national propaganda, Multiculturalist teachers have been destroying the self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth of our nation’s children; it is no wonder that today’s youth feel alienated from society, and that the youth suicide rate is so high. Such is the legacy of Multiculturalist propaganda.” [1]

For those who still have a remnant of national and racial self-identification left, they may also suffer from Genocide Anxiety, an outcome that affects many in white Western societies, as they view the Traitor Class induced demise of their race and nation, a genocide that – if not stopped – will wipe the white peoples from the face of the Earth forever.

Genocide Anxiety is, of course, layered on top of the oppressive White Guilt Complex [2], so encouraged by the rabid brigades of those teachers and journalists who are steeped in Multiculturalism and Politically Correctness.

Problems combined

These anti-national social problems are further compounded by the globalist and economically rationalist policies that are destroying our youth’s chances at meaningful employment; giving their jobs away to foreign workers, sending more of their jobs overseas, creating fewer opportunities to obtain training, and lowering the pay rates for those who do obtain work.

All of this is leading to a much poorer and disconnected generation, a significant proportion of whom can be expected to live much of their lives either out of work or in low-paying jobs, resulting in little chance for them to own their own home and be financially secure.

This situation is leading to the creation of an underclass of rootless, selfish, disappointed, disconnected, and atomised individuals, many of whom will seek nihilistic ways to escape their predicament, whether they turn to crime, drugs, cults, or suicide.

This underclass is coming, and we have the Globalists to thank for it.

Only a movement with a protectionist philosophy can turn back this tide, by protecting our jobs (instituting tariff barriers and encouraging manufacturing industries), by protecting our people (ending Third World immigration and Muslim immigration), and protecting our way of life (ending the destructiveness of Multiculturalism and Political Correctness, teaching our students about the achievements and values of Western Civilisation, and immersing our youth in the traditions of the Australian national identity and culture).

To obtain these changes will be no mean feat. Those of us who wish to regain our nation’s future, regain our national destiny, will need to do something concrete and positive (not just a minimum amount), and to do it often.

We also need people who are willing to stand up for their beliefs, rather than hide safely in anonymity. Even though we may live under a semi-authoritarian regime run by Multiculturalists that can be oppressive against freedom of speech and other human rights, and even though ordinary Australians have an understandable desire to be “safe” from Globalist thugs and government harassment, the fact is that we cannot save our people if we are hiding.

Overseas experience shows that the more that people show the strength to stand up publicly, the more that other people will become willing to stand up as well. We cannot wait for “someone else” to do it all, nor can we wait for a “great messiah” to appear, in order to save us. To paraphrase Henry Lawson, we must look to ourselves for strength in the storm that is to come.[3]

The necessary changes to our society can be made, a new movement is arising to this task, and – with your help – we can win back our nation’s future.


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3. Henry Lawson’s words were “For the South must look to the South for strength in the storm that is to come” (“In the Storm That Is To Come” by Henry Lawson, 1904)

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