Rural social engineering: Global Village Idiots attack the Australian identity

Andrew Phillips looks at the importance of regional Australia to our national future and culture, and how it is under assault by the Australia-haters in their frenzied rush towards globalisation.

No true Australian could deny the important place regional Australia and its people hold within the national psyche, even in today’s urban-centric society.

Despite the continued changes in our nation’s demography, this affinity with our outback, regional centres and primary producers has remained unchanged. It was evident from the time of Henry Lawson, as witnessed by the popularity of his work amongst Sydney readers of the Bulletin – nothing has changed, our people appear to have merely substituted McLeod’s Daughters for Lawson, but the nostalgic regard for our regional counterparts continues unabated.

Indeed, it could be argued that Australia’s regional centres and our primary producers are the last bastion of our national identity. The traditional values regarded as quintessentially Australian are, more often than not, found in these areas, unadulterated by a massive influx of immigrants from cultures alien to our own and generally unfettered by the malaise of selfishness and greed so evident in many of our cities.

The natural disregard regional Australians have for idiotic creations and observances dictated by social engineers, such as “Harmony Day”, is to be applauded and it is hoped the lack of interest in such ridiculous observances within country schools continues.

Little wonder that in the effort to create a borderless global village, social engineers and economic rationalists alike have decided something must go; that “something” is a proud, distinct, productive and independent regional Australia – the very heartland of Australian identity.

The ability to produce the food required to feed the nation is an issue of national sovereignty. This ability has been under continued, relentless assault for over 20 years as economic rationalists in most political parties demand a raft of rural sector reforms to placate foreign critics (sometimes referred to as “trading partners”) and special interest mostly left-wing globalist groups (such as PETA and Animal Liberation), while reassuring our beleaguered farmers that such reforms will produce a veritable cornucopia of international markets for their own produce – if only they can just hold on.

Unfortunately, as the gulf between urban dwellers and regional Australians continues to widen, our country counterparts find themselves increasingly isolated. Their concerns in parliament are increasingly ignored as our so called “representatives” heed the shrill cries of the loudest pressure groups.

Economic rationalists, motivated by their perverse dream of a level economic playing field in which multinationals have access to the entire world market, benefiting from access to the cheapest labour available and using their competitive clout to squeeze the lowest price for raw commodities from the producers, continue to use their influence in the major political parties to push our nation’s producers to accept continued deregulation and restructuring of their sectors.

Few could forget the footage of local dairy farmers and their desperate families protesting against the deregulation of their industry over 10 years ago. Outside of government offices and large supermarket chains, family members fighting to defend the continued existence of the family farm were dragged off by police and charged for having the audacity of opposing the new religion of “globalism”.

The assault upon the economic lifeblood of regional Australians continues, year after year, on a myriad of fronts.

As a succession of governments of both political hues continue to sign an endless stream of international and UN sponsored treaties, the effects on the Australian people continue to be as disastrous as they are obvious.

National Competition Policies result in local producers being forced to accept deregulation and abolition of single desk marketing when faced with the withholding of allocated funds by both state and federal governments for refusal to comply. This flies in the face of reason, when every indication shows that there is strength in unified marketing and customers prefer to deal with the single desk as it provides greater accountability.

Regional Australians bore the brunt of Howard’s altruistic foreign relations policy when he suddenly decided to “forgive” Iraq’s debt to Australia, leaving Australian grain growers out of pocket to the tune of $140 million – with no compensation. Combined with the interest involved, it was an increased financial burden our struggling regional communities did not need.

The government’s economic rationalist thug “Bio Security Australia” continues to find any avenue possible to further the government’s plan to flood the nation with dubious quality foreign produced food. This organization has been at the forefront of the push to introduce the importation of over $69 million worth of US pork, threatening our local producers’ industry, worth $540 million per year. Local producers have expressed concern at the possible introduction of PWMWS (Post Weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome), a disease capable of wiping out 60% of a farmer’s stock.

The list of Bio Security Australia’s targets seems endless. Queensland banana farmers, with their $400 million industry are threatened by Black Sigatoka and Moko disease, with an outbreak in 2001 resulting in the closure of 12 farms and a cost to taxpayers of $27 million. Citrus growers are also in their sights and South Australian apple growers have their $40 million industry at risk following the decision to allow in NZ imports with the risk of fire blight. These are just to name a few.

Howard’s recent threat to deny our farmers access to water is an unconstitutional move contravening Section 100 of our Constitution. Clearly the internationalists would prefer to force farmers off their lands and raise regional unemployment from the closure of associated industries and services rather than spend our taxes on a solution to the water problems (increased catchment areas, solar powered desalination plants). They would prefer that Australians put their health at risk from eating dubious quality food produced in unsanitary conditions and flooded with chemicals prior to export, rather than supporting the food output of our local farmers.

Naturally, the Global Village Idiots are not so foolish as to put all their eggs into one basket and rely merely upon economic pressure to fragment our regional communities.

The campaign by special interest groups to vilify our nation’s food producers continues unabated, so much so that in some states farmer bodies have had to launch a counter attack via costly television ads in order to educate the wider community of the important place our farmers and regional communities have in the maintenance of our nation’s economic well-being and standard of living.

The social engineers know they can only succeed by influencing the minds of the young and continue their campaign of misinformation in our nation’s schools and universities. Despite claims that discussions regarding rural issues and practices will be “unbiased”, first hand reports indicate that our “open minded” lecturers are more talk than action.

Rural students find themselves overridden in discussions about primary industry practices such as mulesing, with city-centric teachers launching tirades against the so-called cruel practices performed by the people putting food on their plates. Regional Australians are further portrayed in the minds of city-dwelling children and youths as cruel, inhuman, environmentally irresponsible, and of little importance when it comes to the continuity of the nation.

Little wonder that reports leaked into the media reveal that one farmer takes his own life every four days.

Not content to rely on an economic war of attrition and poisoning the minds of our nation’s youth, the government realizes that in order to complete the farcical quest to make Australia a true melting pot with no identity, unified only by the fact none of us have anything in common, they must break apart the final bastion of traditional Australian identity – the rural community.

Few living in regional Australia could claim to not notice the recent influx of Arabs, Africans and Asians literally flooding into rural areas, recent additions forced upon us by the government practice of “spreading the load” of immigration (clearly those less tolerant in the city are starting to make unpleasant noises).

These new arrivals, supported by a raft of government officials, “church” volunteers and company support workers, often end up as compliant labour for processing plants who claim they can’t get an Aussie to work for them. Sponsored for 12 months, they are then often permitted to settle permanently and bring out their relatives, all of whom are given the same support as earlier arrivals and receive English language lessons from ratepayers’ funding via “council grants”.

Of course, rural Australians are essentially conservative in outlook, both socially and morally – which is the very reason they have managed to continue their position as guardians of our identity.

Organisers of the recent Murray Bridge Multicultural Festival in South Australia (sponsored by a local meat processing company with a penchant for importing Chinese, Arab, African and Vietnamese labour) discovered this fact recently following the launch of the much touted “Inaugural Multicultural Festival” which was to showcase all the different newly arrived cultures and apparently “thank them for their wonderful contribution” to making Murray Bridge a much more interesting place to live.

With a population of over 17,000 in Murray Bridge itself, not to mention the many rural communities within a relatively short drive, festival organizers struggled to pull in a couple of thousand spectators over the entire weekend. Going into damage control, the media naturally crowed front page what a dramatic success the event was and looked forward to one the following year.

Considering that the Murraylands district has a population of over 47,900, the “festival” was hardly a raging success. Most of those attending were more than likely families of participants, or the regular “alternative lifestyle” multiculturalists one finds at Womadelaide who drove up in their usual decrepit Kombi vans (as an explanation for those living outside South Australia, “Womadelaide” is an annual internationalist festival held in Adelaide involving multiculturalists from all over the globe, some locals unkindly referring to it as a freak show for the great unwashed hordes of political fringe-dwellers).

It can be seen that there is no place for a unique Australian society or culture in the grand vision held by economic rationalists and the social engineering Global Village Idiots. Regional Australia is a thorn in the side of those who desire a borderless world, where international business is free to flood markets with cheap foreign produce and take advantage of cheap, compliant foreign labour.

It is time for all Australians to take an uncompromising stand against the un-Australian practices displayed by governments, big business and social engineering educators – before it is too late.

Become active, join a nationalist political party and become an Australian protectionist – NOW.

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