Australian Protectionism – A politically central position

Andrew Phillips considers the issues of Left-Right politics and places sensible nationalism in the centre of the political spectrum. With the rapid growth experienced by the Australian Protectionist Party over the last 12 months combined with the increased media attention paid to its spokesmen, there has naturally been a vigorous discussion as to where our […]

Australian Protectionism: More than just economics

Andrew Phillips discusses the wider meaning of Protectionism, demonstrating that the ideology of Social Protectionism seeks to protect the freedoms, rights and future of the Australian people. Many readers may have noticed an increase in articles, column pieces and news reports of noted identities railing about the threats to our nation posed by “protectionism”. At […]

Globalisation — At what price?

Andrew Phillips discusses the implications of globalisation for Australia and the negative effects of so-called “free trade” agreements. For decades, Australia has had governments of various hues continuing to pursue the goal of closer interaction with our neighbours. The advocates of economic rationalist dogma and those besotted with the dream of a Global Village claim […]

Public health — Yet another need for CIR

Andrew Phillips discusses the need for Citizens Initiated Referenda to enable people to influence government decisions on policies that affect their local communities. As many South Australian readers might remember, the campaign to get C.I.R. (Citizens’ Initiated Referenda) a fair hearing in this state was steamrolled right from the start some years ago by the […]

Conservative patriotism – The new rebellion

Andrew Phillips discusses how youthful rebellion may bring Australia’s young into the fight to save the future of our nation. Human nature dictates that each generation will in some way rebel against the traditions, values, ideals and social norms held by previous generations. It is considered normal, it’s healthy and facilitates the progress and advancement […]