John Howard the false nationalist: Just another traitor in patriot clothing

Andrew Guild considers the record of John Howard, to determine whether he was an Australian nationalist (as some people might think) or whether he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The recent Liberal Party Prime Minister, John Howard, was someone who acted like a patriot, but whose actions condemned him as just another traitor politician. Whilst he “talked the talk” of a patriot, he actually “walked the walk” of a traitor. Politicians think that this tactic, of being able to fool the people, is “clever”.

Howard spoke out against Muslim extremists, although at the same time he gave support to Muslim moderates. Under his leadership, his Liberal Party government set up an education centre for teaching Islamic clerics and also imported large numbers of immigrants from Muslim countries.[1]

Howard spoke out against Multiculturalism, whilst he gave support to a programme of multiracial immigration into Australia, with one of the biggest intakes (both numerically and proportionally) from Asia, Africa and the Middle East since Federation in 1901.

He was an advocate of Civic Patriotism; that is, his patriotism was based upon the notion that it didn’t matter how many millions of Asians and Africans immigrated into the country, so long as they all assimilated and became “good citizens”.

Under Howard’s vision, a future Australia would be majority Asian, but they would all speak English, go to the footy and eat meat pies – no Multiculturalism, but no fair dinkum Aussies either.

John Howard was a politician who sought to appear to the average citizen as a true blue patriot, but he was not; like most (or all) Liberal-Labor politicians, he is in fact just another nation-killer, another politician opposed to the continued existence of the Australian people.

Howard led the charge in importing hundreds of thousands of Third World foreign workers into Australia, many of whom brought in their families as well, an unknown number of whom can even apply for permanent residence and citizenship as well.

Also on his watch Howard brought in hundreds of thousands of Third World students, supposedly to learn and leave, but instead many of them just use their years spent here as an avenue to become residents – a form of “back door immigration”.

Keeping out the Asian refugees involved in the Tampa dispute was a con job; Howard had them all sent to Nauru with a loud fanfare, but then later nearly half of all the refugees on Naura and Manus quietly entered Australia (most of the other half went to New Zealand).

His government controversially decided to bring in less black African refugees, but simply replaced them with Asian refugees instead – hardly a benefit for a homogeneous Australia.[2]

Howard also announced a deal about sending refugees to the USA, but this was on a swap basis whereby they would be replaced by American-held Cuban and Haitan refugees – again, hardly a benefit for a homogeneous Australia.[3]

John Howard committed Australia to ongoing policies of immigration, Asianisation, and globalisation.

He alluded to an economic strategy dominated by the major Asian countries; as he said in April 2007, “the human face of globalisation will be increasingly Asian”.[4]

A typical year’s immigration intake under John Howard:
The majority of immigrants come from the Third World.

Ironically however, Howard’s 2007 defeat in his own electorate of Bennelong was largely caused by the large numbers of Asian voters voting against him, as the result of a Labor Party campaign to specifically target Asians to grab their votes.[5]

In the face of attempts to Asianise our country, we need to stop and consider what Australia actually is and who the Australians are.

Australia is a nation. A nation is a homogeneous people who all share a common language, culture, lifestyle and race. Having millions of Asians residing in Australia does not make them Australian, just as having hundreds of thousands of Indians residing in Fiji does not make them Fijian (Indians comprise 38% of the population). As the saying goes – just because a man is born in a stable, it does not make him a horse.[6]

It was people from Anglo-Celtic-European backgrounds who built the modern nation of Australia from scratch, creating it from a wilderness. It is our right to ensure that our nation survives, so that our people and our way of life will exist to be loved and cherished by our children and our future generations.

Australians have the right to resist the evil genocide of nation-killing policies such as Multiculturalism, Asianisation, Islamification, and Third World immigration. To do so will not only save the Australian people from genocide, but will save the Aboriginal peoples from genocide as well.

It is our right to fight the immigration-driven genocide imposed onto us by John Howard and all the other nation-killers of the Liberal-Labor parties.

Talk is cheap. It is easy to “talk the talk” of patriotism, but it is another thing altogether to “walk the walk” of actually putting patriotic policies into place. It is by their actions that we will know what politicians truly are. Just as folklore talks of the spectre of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, John Howard – and people like him – seek to fool us all with their conservative image, seemingly patriotic actions, and “true blue” talk – but they are just politician liars in conservative suits, traitors in patriot clothing.

In times of war, a traitor is someone who betrays his nation, his people. In times of peace using “traitor” as a descriptor may be considered extreme, however, if someone is involved in implementing policies that will end in the genocide of his own people, then what other word would be appropriate?

To fight the disastrous and genocidal politics of the Australia-haters we all must give our full support to people like the Australian Protectionist Party. We, as individuals, can combat the traitors in patriot clothing, as well as those who are openly traitors (Asianisers, Multiculturalists and Globalists), only by truly throwing our full weight behind real nationalists – by giving freely of both our time and money – that is how we can reclaim Australia for the Australian people.

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