Terrie-Anne tells all

Terrie-Anne Verney gives her opinion and tells her story. This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints.

What first prompted you to become a nationalist?

Growing up in Rural Australia, in a town which was staunchly traditional Anglo-Australian, I did not think there was another way of life. Leaving town as a young adult I landed in a multicultural society where the Aussie way of life played a very small part in the Community.

I became interested in the Nationalist Movement because I want to preserve the Australian culture for my children and future generations. I want my descendants to know the Australia I know.

I guess I have always been a nationalist, I just did not always know that was the label for my belief and opinions.

When you were dismissed from your position at the Griffith radio station 2MIA FM, it was reported in the national media — can you tell us your side of the story?

Firstly I would like to get this out of the way – Not once did I ever talk politics on air, nor did my on air conduct ever come into question.

My sacking come about from comments I had made on Facebook groups. In hindsight, I know how stupid I was, a person in my position telling jokes about women in bhurkas on a public forum, but that is neither here nor there. A lot of the comments attributed to me were false, and a lot of those I did make were taken out of context.

I have a pretty thick skin, so I was able to laugh most of it off but I was horrified and deeply embarrassed about the attention I brought to 2MIA.
I hold no grudge against the Management Committee of the Station.

How do you see nationalism from a female and youth perspective?

To be honest, sometimes I am not all that sure I am comfortable with the label NATIONALIST. Unfortunately some of our fellow nationalists make us look like a bunch of raving loonies. We must take steps to rid the movement of unsavory aspects.

After meeting Nationalists from across the board I have noticed all the different factions and warring sides amongst the separate nationalist organisations. Luckily, this mostly seems to be  amongst the ‘old hats’ and the youth in the movement are, for the most part, choosing to ignore the ongoing feuds and I  believe that eventually we will pull together. Separate voices go unheard but if we stand united we will be listened to!

What do you think we can do to attract more women into the movement?

There tends to be a bit of a ‘boys club’ amongst the Nationalist movement. As a strong-willed independent woman, I am offended by the fact that a lot of male Nationalists do not seem to welcome women. Most of the females I have seen attending meetings are the wives of men involved, and do not participate in discussions. I think it is up to you blokes to start engaging the women in the meetings and allow them to feel welcome!

Chicks are known to congregate, so if the ones that are already there feel comfortable within the Organisations or Political Parties, then they will bring their friends. If the movement is to continue to grow, and with the right people involved, then women need to be involved!

What rural issues should nationalists be campaigning on?

Suicide is rife amongst young Australian men in rural Australia. In the past month, 3 young men have killed themselves in my area. I think what we desperately need in rural and regional areas is better mental health services. The local hospitals are not equipped nor staffed to deal with mental health issues.

Too many young men are dying needlessly, tragic wastes of life and with better support it is totally preventable.

In my small part of the Riverina, we have been in drought for over a decade. I think that it is about bloody time that the Government puts money into researching sufficient water sustainability, new farming practices, ways to gather water etc.

Farmers here have no choice but to plant the wheat and pray for enough rain because there is no other way!!

How many years are they expected to truck in water before our government does something to help? Rural Australia is slowly dying while the fat cats in Canberra turn their heads elsewhere.

Any other comments?

I urge all Australians to keep up the good fight, it’s for the future of our people.

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