Archives for February 2008

Doing the New Right thing by people

An interview with Welf Herfurth, who is a key organiser for the New Right and National Anarchist movements in Australia. This continues our series of interviews with people from different political movements and organisations. 1. What motivates you in politics? Politics is something that always interested me and I feel a sense of belonging to […]

Environmental disaster in the Galapagos Islands demonstrates the idiocy of unrestricted immigration

The Galapagos Islands, off the coast of South America, are facing an environmental crisis – a crisis that is largely fueled by immigration. The Islands had a population of 18,000 in 2001, which has now risen to 22,000; but – in reality – it may be as high as 30,000 due to illegal immigration. The […]

A reasonable approach to the cultural struggle

Mark Wilson argues that nationalists should enmesh themselves with festivals, events and organisations that are pro-Australian in some aspects, without having to worry whether they are 100% on-side or not. As part of our break with the failures of the past we need to take a new approach to what is called “the cultural struggle”. […]

Jihad finance coming to Australia: The scam of Islamic banking

Darrin Hodges looks at how Islam operates in the banking sector, the way it is often misunderstood, and how it can be used by Muslims to spread aspects of Shari’a Law. A recent report on ABC’s Lateline program[1] has brought to the fore something which we should all be concerned about: Islamic finance coming to […]

Liberalism and “anti-racism”: How “anti-racist” rhetoric exposes its anti-Western bias

Dennis Kastros explores the problems of Leftist psychology as well as the bizarre and irrational nature of its anti-national hypocrisy. Perhaps one of the largest problems facing nationalists, is defining to others what it is exactly that we are fighting for, and being able to answer the plethora of arguments against us. Arguments such as […]