Protesting to protect Australia

Nicholas Folkes gives a first-hand account of a recent protest in Sydney over the Government’s irresponsible policies on refugees and immigration. It was the day that concerned Australians broke the ice, by holding a demonstration at Martin Place, Sydney. Placards and Aussie flags were proudly held and leaflets were handed to the public. The proud […]

Fighting for the survival of Australia

Nicholas Folkes speaks out on politics, multiculturalism and the economy. This article is based upon a speech given at a meeting of the Australian Protectionist Party in Sydney, New South Wales, on 23rd June 2009.   Good evening my fellow Australians, my name is Nicholas Folkes, I live in Sydney, and intend to stand for […]

Banking, free trade and fair trade

Peter Davis, Mayor of Port Lincoln, gives his personal view on the banking system, national debt and international trade. An ancient proverb states, “A problem correctly addressed is half solved”. Most people even vaguely aware of the way our “money system” functions knew that a day of reckoning was fast approaching some years ago. When […]

Identity theft

Jamison Daniels discusses the meaning of ethnic/national identity. Recently I watched a video on YouTube of a talk given by Andrew Brons MEP to a small gathering of British National Party supporters. In his talk Mr. Brons shared with his audience his recent experience of having thieves use his credit card details to run up […]

Australian Protectionism: More than just economics

Andrew Phillips discusses the wider meaning of Protectionism, demonstrating that the ideology of Social Protectionism seeks to protect the freedoms, rights and future of the Australian people. Many readers may have noticed an increase in articles, column pieces and news reports of noted identities railing about the threats to our nation posed by “protectionism”. At […]