Archives for August 2007

The youth today

A young nationalist puts forward his opinion on the problems facing our younger generation. On many fronts we youth of today have been attacked and our opponents are constantly working to brainwash, divide and ultimately conquer us. This article is dedicated to Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater, who were tragic victims of society. Many factors […]

They’re coming to my country

A poem from Mitch C on the Third World refugee influx into Australia. It is not “politically correct”, but is obviously written in a light-hearted vein. They’re coming to my country, They’re coming by the dozen, You can smell the stench of un-washed clothes, And hear the flies a-buzz’n. From Vietnam and the Middle East, […]

The shaky status of free speech

Graeme Campbell gives his view on Sheikh al-Hilaly and the associated implications relating to freedom of speech in Australia. Sheikh Taj el Din al-Hilaly is an extremist; he is not the worst of them, as I suspect that his extremism has been modified by pecuniary advancement. I have an interest in this man because I […]

Our responsibilities and duties as Australian nationalists

Darrin Hodges discusses the tasks, problems, and future of Nationalism in Australia, and how this current generation have a responsibility as to what sort of inheritance they would leave to their grand-children and our nation’s future generations. I do not think there is any real nationalist movement in Australia, it’s more like a loose collection […]

Rural social engineering: Global Village Idiots attack the Australian identity

Andrew Phillips looks at the importance of regional Australia to our national future and culture, and how it is under assault by the Australia-haters in their frenzied rush towards globalisation. No true Australian could deny the important place regional Australia and its people hold within the national psyche, even in today’s urban-centric society. Despite the […]