Archives for March 2010

Debts and deficit nonsense

Stuart McVey gives his opinion on government spending, fiat money and taxation. The release of the current federal government’s budget created quite a stir in the media as the opposition hammered the level of spending and the government tries to defend it. In effect, both arguments are complete nonsense. The level of federal government spending […]

The ‘under the radar’ theory

Mark Wilson gives his perspective on sideshows and time-wasting in the nationalist movement. You may not be familiar with the idea of operating “under the radar” in a political sense. I first heard it a few years ago from a lady who was the national leader of a party I was a member of. I […]

Swiss vote empowers democracy

Andrew Guild writes on the success of the Swiss minaret referendum. In a display of popular public concern, the Swiss people have voted to ban the construction of minarets in their country, making the ruling a part of their national constitution. With 57.5% of the people voting in favour of the ban, it was a […]

Terrie-Anne tells all

Terrie-Anne Verney gives her opinion and tells her story. This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints. What first prompted you to become a nationalist? Growing up in Rural Australia, in a town which was staunchly traditional Anglo-Australian, I did not think there was another way of life. Leaving town as […]

Lies, damned lies and statistics

Craig Stewart puts a different perspective on the furore surrounding the attacks upon Indians in Australian cities. Recently, the Indian media reported on the assault of three Indian men by seventy assailants in the car park of the Epping Hotel on September eleventh 2009.  After a proper investigation by Victoria Police the number was reduced […]