Archives for December 2008

Water Fuel meetings

Adrian Barnett looks at the public interest now being shown in developing fuel alternatives. Today most groups that I attend have difficulty retaining enough members to hold regular meetings, however, an exception to this trend is the Water Fuel group. Starting in a community hall, it was standing room only at the last meeting. As […]

Middle Eastern crime in Australia

An exposé of the problems our nation is experiencing with crime from certain elements of those of Middle Eastern (predominantly Muslim) ethnicity. For some time now a handful of ex police officers, like Tim Priest who was a Detective Sergeant in the NSW Police Force, have been writing and lecturing to any one who wishes […]

Global economic crisis threatens Australia’s future

Darrin Hodges discusses the current economic crisis and its effects upon Australia. Economic crisis This time in world history is one which the nationalists have been warning people about for years, if not decades. The current economic crisis that is engulfing the world’s financial institutions isn’t about the failure of capitalism as left-wing pundits like […]

The election of Barack Hussein Obama

Mark Wilson gives his view on the recent US presidential election. What does the election of Barack Hussein Obama mean for nationalists? It means a clearly defined enemy, that is what it means. All those conservative patriotic types in America, Europe and Australia who have previously assumed that America was pro-white (on the quiet, of […]

Professor Fraser speaks out

An interview with Professor Andrew Fraser, retired from Macquarie University. This continues our series of interviews, giving our readers new information from different political viewpoints. What brought you to your conclusions regarding the issues regarding culture, IQ, and race? That is a very difficult question to answer. Growing up in Canada, the interminable inter-ethnic conflict […]